Arkaro is the first affiliated partner to deliver Dr Pete Compo's   Emergent Approach™ for strategy design and implementation.

Recognise any of this in your business?

How Arkaro can help

  • People claim to understand the business strategy – but cannot explain it in the same way
  • Distilling your strategy to 35 words or less & easily learned by heart and internalised
  • The strategy document is a large PowerPoint file that gets looked at once a year (or never!)…
  • A one page core strategy framework that is revisited when triggered
  • Connect strategy to your monthly S&OP / IBP process to ensure execution
  • …with complicated spreadsheets and data that are poorly understood 
  • Clear visibility on what matters – much less than think!
  • A good enough approach that makes the right choices & regular updating practical
  • Still not clear what to do next?…. Strategies are often just lists of aspirations & plans that do not inspire action.
  • Use the Emergent Approach™ with the Five Disqualifiers™ of strategy, Strategy Alternative Matrix and other techniques to propel the organisation
The Emergent Approach to Strategy

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“Mark and I worked together in DuPont. We share the ambition to help businesses with strategy methods that quickly engage the minds of the people. He wants strategy that drives organisations with straightforward and down-to-earth guidance that brings harmony and efficiency to the organization in meeting its aspirations. This is why Mark is a natural partner to deliver the Emergent Approach™.”

Dr Pete Compo, author of the Emergent Approach™

“Strategic thinking, result-oriented, and business acumen are where Mark is outstanding. I had worked with Mark to establish Innovation Strategy Process and develop Innovation Strategy within the organization. He has the ability to facilitate and lead the challenging discussion. Mark is structured in his approach to inspire the team to embrace the risk and step out of comfort zone. Certainly, one of the great professionals that I have worked with.” 

Somsak Jirapaiboonwanish – Innovation Strategy leader, Thailand

“Mark is a strong partner in driving problem solving and performance. He is skilled in core consulting and collaboration practices and engages with work teams very naturally. His technical skills are solid in business development, product management and strategy choices translated into differential management implementation. Mark’ strong work ethic, flexibility and openness to people enables him to build relationships in new situations quickly.”

David Peet formerly Vice-President Integrated Business Management, DuPont