Arkaro is the first affiliated partner to deliver Dr Pete Compo's Emergent
Approach™ for strategy design and implementation.

Recognise any of this in your business?

  • People claim to understand the business strategy – but cannot explain it in the same way
  • The strategy document is a large PowerPoint file that gets looked at once a year (or never!)…
  • …with complicated spreadsheets and data that are poorly understood 

  How Arkaro can help

  • Distilling your strategy to 35 words or less & easily learned by heart and internalised
  • A one-page core strategy framework that is revisited when triggered
  • Connect strategy to your monthly S&OP / IBP process to ensure execution
  • Clear visibility on what matters – much less than think!
  • A good enough approach that makes the right choices & regular updating practical
  • Still not clear what to do next?…. Strategies are often just lists of aspirations & plans that do not inspire action.
  • Use the Emergent Approach™ with the Five Disqualifiers™ of strategy, Strategy Alternative Matrix and other techniques to propel the organisation
The Emergent Approach to Strategy

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