Product Line strategy and Profitability

Product Line Strategy and Profitability

Even if there is a defined business strategy, drive for revenue growth without disciplined execution can create a complex product portfolio sucking resources and profitability from the business, and potentially creating supply chain problems and dissatisfied customers.

Recognise any of this in your business?

How Arkaro can help you

  • Too much product complexity?
  • A long product tail that no one wants to cut?
  • Profitability pressures? Need to reduce working capital?
  • Pricing policy lacks skills & discipline leaving money on the table
  • Not sure what products & customers really drive profit? … at the bottleneck?
  • Understand your product portfolio profitability
  • Establish a product line strategy
  • Build integrated processes to optimise the product portfolio
  • Connect the product management function with R&D and innovation for successful product launches


“Mark is a strong partner in driving problem solving and performance. He is skilled in core consulting and collaboration practices and engages with work teams very naturally. His technical skills are solid in business development, product management and strategy choices translated into differential management implementation. Mark’ strong work ethic, flexibility and openness to people enables him to build relationships in new situations quickly.”

David Peet formerly Vice-President Integrated Business Management, DuPont

“Mark’s work on improving profitability for DuPont Nutrition & Health was first-class. His analysis was insightful and practical which helped me and my team to develop strategies and plans to improve the business top and bottom line. His approach was always very open and collaborative driving team engagement. I personally enjoyed working with Mark and learned a lot from him.” 


Rene Garza, Vice-President Household Care, Novozymes