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Corporate veteran, Dr. Pete Compo will shortly be publishing The Emergent Approach to Strategy.   The book, cracks the nut of strategy wide open, providing both the first foundational theory and detailed actionable methods to confront the chronic misunderstanding and misuse of strategy found in so many organizations today. Having worked with Dr. Pete Compo in DuPont, Mark is honoured to be the first affiliated partner to deliver The Emergent Approach to Strategy™

Despite how much is written about it, academics and consultants continue to report chronic failures in strategy methods and results.

The reasons for these failures are multiple, but at the core, it is because most strategic thinking is based on an obsolete deterministic view of the world. This deterministic view sees businesses as planned, and then executed on by using a linear prescribed strategy process. There isn’t even a proper definition of strategy. Businesses succeed despite the many strategy methods available to them.

Emergent Approach to Strategy Arkaro Independent Consultants

Fortunately, there is now a new world-view where change and innovation are not planned but emerge from the myriad actions of the players involved. This new view is the science of complex adaptive systems and strategy needs to be brought into it. The Emergent Approach to Strategy™ is built upon an understanding of complex adaptive systems.

By working with your team in Agile-like sprints Mark Blackwell helps your team create strategy alternatives, choose the best strategy and establish a dashboard of metrics and triggers to drive execution.  

Instead of the “do it for you” approach, Arkaro takes the “do it with you” method ensuring the team has ownership of the strategy but guided by experienced expertise and external objectivity to secure a quality outcome. 

The efficient agile methodology allows Arkaro to support as a trusted partner while the strategy evolves and is implemented.  Please contact Mark to learn more, meanwhile follow  Strategy Insights blog posts on Arkaro’s LinkedIn page for regular updates on The Emergent Approach to Strategy™

Dr. Peter Compo author of The Emergent Approach to Strategy
Dr. Peter Compo

Dr. Peter Compo, author of the Emergent Approach to Strategy™ —scientist, engineer, and corporate veteran—spent twenty-five years at E.I. DuPont in a wide range of positions in R&D, product management, supply chain leadership, and business management—including director of DuPont Display Materials and Director of Corporate Integrated Business Management. Coupled with a background in music, Dr. Compo began to see the same adaptive patterns of innovation and successful change in all these areas. He also saw the need for a new approach to strategy and spent seven years integrating the science of complex adaptive systems with strategy theory and practice. The Emergent Approach to Strategy™ is the book he wished he had had at the start of his career.

Mark Blackwell - independent consultant Arkaro
Mark Blackwell

Mark Blackwell founded Arkaro in 2016 following a career in organisations both large and small, covering a wide range of industries including animal health, specialty chemicals, advanced materials, food and feed ingredients.  13 years at DuPont included 8 years of consulting  roles across multiple businesses.  Expertise included Six Sigma, Integrated Business Planning, Product Line Management and Business Productivity. At this time Mark worked with Pete as the ideas forming Emergent Approach to Strategy™ were developed.  More recently Mark has provided feedback on the book prior to publication and is the first affiliated partner to deliver the Emergent Approach to  Strategy™