Is anything really holding you back?

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Do you know the story about the elephant and the chain? Young elephants have a chain placed around their ankle and are tied to a tree or a stake in the ground. This holds them back from moving to where they want to be. 

When young the elephant has the ambition to keep trying to pull away. Hundreds of attempts are made to free himself or herself from the chain. Eventually, the elephant gives up believing it to be possible to break the chain.

As the elephant grows to be an adult, his strength would require a gentle kick to break free – but the elephant is bound to the belief that it is impossible to break free, and remains tied to the chain.

Are there chains that hold you back? Can your team break beliefs and move to the next level?

In Arkaro we believe story-telling is an important part of the change management process in business transformation. Listen to Magaye Niang reflect on his personal Commercial Excellence transformation – and how the elephant and chain story helped him.