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Commercial Excellence

A well trained and motivated salesforce can enhance the top-line deliver more predictable revenue and improved returns on invested capital. Arkaro has experience in transforming teams by working on mindset and behaviour transformation, skill-building and sustainable processes with powerful tools.

   Recognise any of this in your business?

    How Arkaro can help

  • Top line not in line with expectations?
  • Driven cost out – but still need more margin growth?
  • Not enough share of customer wallet?
  • Competition still beating you?
  • Sales team seem to lack focus and motivation
  • Revenue forecasting remains a dream
  • Transform sales team mindsets and behaviours
  • Help your team better understand customer needs
  • Develop winning value propositions
  • Segment your customer base for better service
  • Drive success with key performance indicators
  • Establish governance processes to embed best practices
  • Coach leaders to sustain gains


In order to meet better their customer need, Solevo, a provider of agricultural and chemical inputs in Africa, recognised the need to become more customer centric. They decided to train salespeople on a Commercial Excellence transformation.

 Stéphane Constant CEO noted “We wanted experienced support to help us with our Commercial Excellence transformation – A team that could rapidly engage with our sales team, secure confidence building quick gains as well as a sustainable value generation for years to come”.

 Arkaro has been selected to help Solevo on its Commercial Excellence journey. The sales team learned how to uncover customers’ needs and to develop winning value propositions for sustainable growth : by better understanding the customer needs, with better forecasting sales, by enabling customers to receive the right product at the right time, and therefore generating improved customer satisfaction.

Magaye Niang salesman in Senegal reflected on change journey and how he will approach customers in the future  “I believe that this particular training has opened my eyes. This training got me reinvigorated as a salesman. It’s as if I am a fresh salesman again. It’s a new start.”

 Matthieu van Bree, Head of  Industrial Chemicals says “Having completed the programme we are already looking forward to strong double digit growth with the target customers, and further gains expected in the future as more customers are taken through the programme”.