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Clients choose Arkaro when they want a rapid engagement with teams to energise project
Along with process and tools, Mark deeply appreciates the need to focus on people in transformation work. With more than 25 years industry experience, Mark understands the personal impact of change and engages with teams as a welcome colleague. By coaching and mentoring project members Mark aims to leave an enduring
improvement as well as a commitment for lasting financial success.

For larger projects, Mark is connected to a broad network of independent consultants and consultancies to enable right-sizing of the solution.

Mark Blackwell

Makes science profitable with strategic vision and execution to deliver both top line growth and cost optimisation. 
Mark is a highly experienced, versatile leader and strategic thinker with deep problem-solving skills across innovation, product management, marketing, sales and supply chain built on strong analytical capabilities and business acumen. He has proven capabilities in leading global integrated business transformations involving behavioural as well as technical change management.
He learned many skills and tools, including Six Sigma Black Belt project management, as an internal business consultant in DuPont covering a range of industries including advanced materials, chemicals and nutrition & health. Mark currently advises on larger innovation projects for consulting firm DuPont Sustainable Solutions.
However, he started his career in a small family business successfully building the global animal health brand Virkon® enabling a deep understanding of the differing dynamics in small and large organisations.
Combining these experiences now positions Mark extremely well as an adviser for start-ups, small and medium sized businesses. He understands how to apply the latest tools and techniques to meet the practical needs of the clients he serves.


“From the client’s view the top three attributes that differentiate Mark as a consultant are:

1. Practical

2. Project based

3. People – Mark helps people adopt the right mindset and change behaviour to make the process work successfully”

Thanapat Kaweetraiphop, Business Leader, Thailand


“Working with Mark has been a very enriching experience. He’s very structured in his approach when addressing a new project. Driven to get excellent results, he respects the promised deadlines and is a quick learner. Open to new ideas and comments, he brings a refreshing view and analyzes challenging issues from many different angles to find the optimal solution, always striving to make decisions based on data and not feelings. Mark has excellent communication skills with colleagues and customers alike, which is key in nourishing motivation and commitment. Mark is proficient in optimally balancing the needs and goals of the organization with those of the customers.”

Barbara Casarin,
International Business Consultant, Trainer, Moderator, Coach

“Mark is at his peak in terms of combining direct experience in extremely challenging business environments and a highly impressive knowledge of the latest thought processes and literature. He is a highly perceptive Change Manager with excellent Leadership and General Management skills. He is probably the most perceptive Business Analyst that I have ever worked with. He has an ability to rapidly problem solve and to come up with pragmatic and practical actions to improve the bottom line. He truly understands the drivers of profitability and Return on Investment, and has put them into practice. Add to that a personable and approachable nature and you have an excellent addition to any team.”
Michael Dolan

“Mark has an extraordinary skill in synthesizing large bodies of data into insights that lead to critical decision making for increasing value to organizations and its customers. Mark was instrumental in building business cases for organizational changes across
sales, operations, customer service and strategy. His strategic thinking and analytical capabilities fosters valuable discussions within organizations that are willing to invest to grow. Mark is a self-less team player and leader, devoted to making meaningful changes within an organization by establishing partnerships across functions and stakeholders. He gains the trust of his peers through his hard work ethics, attention to details, accuracy of data interpretation and clarity in communicating vision”
Al Gallegos, Director Strategy &
Business Development, DuPont Nutrition & Health

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