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Do you recognise any of this?Where Arkaro can help
Critical initiatives not being executed?
Business functions not working together?
Business Transformation & Change Management
Not enough productive innovation to drive growth?
R&D not connected with commercial teams?
New products not meeting revenue expectations?
Innovation Strategy & Process
Too much product complexity?
Profitability pressures?
Need to reduce working capital?
Product Line Strategy & Profitability
Are you looking to drive a transformation in your business but need some help? Do you need a sparring partner to help analyse the situation and make the right choices?An outside view brings new insights as well as a much needed extra pair of hands. Arkaro understands the challenges of transformation in businesses large and small. Focussing on improvements across people, process and tools, Arkaro delivers integrated solutions for lasting impactful results.

Business transformation
and change management

Business transformations require cross-functional team collaboration to secure the results. Independent experienced expertise can facilitate the needed change and help do the needed work.

innovation strategy and process

With a clear innovation strategy making choices on “Where to Play – How to Win” in place, focus is given to the ideation process. After selecting potentially winning ideas, collaborative project teams work through a structured process managing execution risk and reward to optimise returns on your innovation investment.

product line strategy and profitability

Even if there is a clear business strategy, the drive for revenue growth may lead to weak product line execution creating an overly complex product portfolio sucking resources and profits from the business, and ultimately creating dissatisfied customers looking for other suppliers.

what people say about mark

Mark Blackwell - Arkaro

“I have worked with Mark in different Supply Chain Projects. Mark balances the strategic & operational aspects of every situation, being extremely skilled in adapting his approach.

Mark is recognized as senior consultant in sales & operation planning ensuring strategic, tactical & operational plans are aligned. The combination of his skills, capabilities & experiences make him a valuable asset for any company”

Sami Kriaa, Supply Chain Manager, Solevo Group

“Mark has an impressive business experience in many fields and he is never afraid of learning something new, doing it well and professionally. In DuPont he covered a variety of roles in marketing, commercial, supply chain, demand fulfilment, all requiring strong cross-functional capabilities and understanding and high interpersonal skills to achieve results from global, cross-functional and very diverse teams. He is passionate about what he is doing and not easily turned off by obstacles on his way. A very capable leader and a change agent” 

Luigi Robbiati formerly Vice-President Corporate Marketing & Sales DuPont EMEA, DuPont

Diamalteria is a rather small business with 20 mln Euro turnover but a wide range a very wide range of SKUs had grown over the years to serve a multitude of small and large B2B food ingredient accounts. Mark helped us tremendously in harnessing and streamlining complexity.


Despite his long experience with large organizations, Mark has understood very well the dynamics and people in a small business environment. Mark could adapt the world-class approaches of the industry giants to suit our reality. Mark was an attentive listener, he helped the top management to formulate the right questions and he then worked with the teams to crunch numbers in order to bring meaningful answers.


More than a consultant, Mark was also a coach who left us with new capabilities.


Jeremy Leroux, Managing Director of Diamalteria, a Vivescia Company”

“Mark has extensive consulting experience working across a broad range of industries including; Food, Agriculture, Advanced Materials and Chemicals. He is a consummate professional with a strong intellect, excellent interpersonal and analytical skills, and proven experience in managing the needs of stakeholders” 

Donal Breen CEO Irishowen Co-operative Society Ltd

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