Independent B2B Consultants - Arkaro
Independent B2B Consultants - Arkaro

Arkaro's experienced independent B2B consultants offer training,
coaching and advice for business transformation

  • Are you looking to drive a transformation in your business but
    need some help?
  • Do you need a sparring partner to help analyse the situation
    make the right choices?

An outside view brings new insights as well as a much needed extra pair of hands.  Arkaro understands the challenges of transformation in businesses large and small.

Focussing on improvements across people, process and tools, Arkaro delivers integrated solutions for lasting impactful results.


Arkaro has partnered with Dr Pete Compo as a lead user to deliver the Emergent Approach™ for strategy design and implementation

Business change management

Business transformations require cross-functional team collaboration to secure the results. Independent expertise can facilitate the needed change and help do the needed work.


Arkaro has experience in transforming commercial teams by working on mindset and behaviour transformation, skill building and sustainable processes with powerful tools.

product management

The drive for revenue growth may lead to weak product management creating an overly complex product portfolio sucking resources and profits from the business, and ultimately creating dissatisfied customers looking for other suppliers.

innovation strategy and process

With a clear innovation strategy in place, focus is given to the ideation process. Collaborative project teams work through a structured process managing execution risk and reward to optimise returns on your investment.